Do you want to sell or rent your house?

  • Trust in our many years of experience in assisting prestigious real estate properties owners with leasing and sale operations.
  • We help you maximizing your property’s value, so as to adequately promote and position it on the market.
  • We select only high-profile clientele, national and international.
  • Property tours and clientele management.
  • Negotiation support.
  • Contracting support until the delivery of the property.

Looking for a house in Basiglio for rent or sale?

  • We select only the best real estate properties tailored to fit your needs.
  • Tailored research and selection of the best houses in Basiglio and Milan.
  • International and multilanguage service.
  • Property tours management.
  • Negotiation support.
  • We assist you during the delivery of your new home and in settling in.
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