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Welcome to our real estate agency in Milano 3, Basiglio!

Real estate brokerage goes beyond the purchase, sale or rental of a property. Selecting or entrusting your home is a personal and intricate process. Top Class is the ideal partner to accompany you with the highest level of assistance, professionalism and cooperation.

On top of our extensive experience, the key to our success is our personalized and excellent approach. With a tailored-made and targeted service, we enhance each property to its fullest potential. From the quality of the ads to the home staging service, we feature a range of skills aimed at fully satisfying your home search criteria and expectations.

Why us

  • Tailored-made service - If you want to sell or rent your house, we help you enhance the property to optimize your investment. In the same way, we study your personal and family needs to present you with targeted housing solutions that are perfectly suited to your lifestyle.
  • Prestigious properties for selected clients - We specialize in working with managers and large multinationals. For this reason, we select prestigious properties, which we valorize at their fullest. It’s a win-win for all parties involved.
  • Experience in the area - Basiglio and Milano 3 offer unique housing scenarios and a constantly evolving market. Our firsthand experience and visibility in the area allow us to find the ideal solution for each customer, both supply and demand-wise.
  • Italian and international clients - With a large network of contacts, opportunities and other multilingual services, we are the real estate agency of reference for an international clientele, increasingly interested in the made in Italy real estate market.
  • Top quality and professionalism - Home finding, matching, moving, relocation, negotiation, contractualization: Top Class assists you step by step throughout the entire process.
  • Complete team of professionals - In Top Class, teamwork translates into a multi-purpose collaboration of skills and professional roles, all aimed at maximizing the value of the property and customer satisfaction. From photography and home staging to building practices with our trusted surveyors and architects, we offer an elite and comprehensive service.
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